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The Wedding Celebration of
David ambersand Katie
January 20th, 2018
Bliss Wedding Template
This is a one-page Joomla wedding template available for purchase on CreativeMarket. This Joomla marriage theme is perfect for newly engaged couples to share event details, show engagement photos, connect gift registries, and collect RSVP details from invites. It includes a thorough help documentation and support is available.

Ms. Katherine Brown

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Mr. David Thompson

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Main Event Details

The Wedding Ceremony

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Saturday, The 20th of January, 2018
at Half Past Three in the Afternoon
Broad Street Ballroom
41 Broad St, New York, NY | Directions

The Wedding Reception

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Saturday, The 20th of January, 2018
Reception to follow the ceremony
White Dove Yacht Club
Island Park, NY | Directions
What to do and what's nearby for out-of-town guests

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Engagement Photos

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Our Gift Registry
We are registered at the following locations. Just click the logo below to go right to our registry.
Cash is appreciated to help us start our lives together.
registry1 registry3 registry5 registry4 registry2
Thank you for being part of our happily ever after, for sharing the first day of the rest of our lives together. We look forward to seeing and celebrating with you all very soon. For those of you that can't join us on our special day, feel free to leave us a message. If you'd like to RSVP, please take a moment and send us the requested details.

~ The Soon-To-Be Mr. & Mrs. Thompson

1750 Washington Ave, Apt 901
New York, New York ZIPCODE
Phone: (212) 555-1516


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